Easy Outfit Ideas for a Summer Wedding

At some point in your life, there will come a time when you will be attending weddings either as a guest or part of the entourage, if you are not the bride or the groom. Weddings are events that often require formal wear, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be having difficulty in picking an outfit, especially for a wedding in summer, during which casual ones also happen.

For women

The go-to outfit for women is a lovely dress or cool suit that’s both stylish and comfortable, but must also be appropriate for the venue of the wedding.

If the wedding is a black-tie event, this means it’s a formal one. There are many types of formal dresses to choose from, you just need to know the style that looks best on you. For traditional church weddings, women can go for the classic little black dress that should be a closet staple not just for weddings but for other formal events as well. One-shoulder evening gowns are also elegant choices, while vintage-style dresses can give a nostalgic vibe. If you’re not so much into dresses, don’t fret. You can opt for a sophisticated but chic jumpsuit with silky fabric and a streamlined, tailored cut. Dark-colored jumpsuits are preferable for formal weddings.

For garden, beach, or other outdoor weddings, more colorful and fun dresses can be worn as these weddings are often more casual. Flowery bohemian and maxi dresses are great for garden weddings so you’ll feel one with nature! You can go for shorter cutout dresses and cheerfully colored suits as well. For wedding parties that could last all night, you can go for either a simple lace shift dress or a sparkly one.

For men

Who says women have all the fun dressing up for a summer wedding? Men can, too! The outfit choices for men are way limited than women’s, but that shouldn't stop any man from dressing up appropriately.

For late afternoon weddings, tuxedos are not advisable because of the heat. Instead, go for a cotton khaki or seersucker suit. The former can be paired with a nice bow tie, while the latter can be worn with a simple tie. Both materials can keep you cool and make you look cool without wearing too much. You can also sport a pair of classic shades with these suits.

At informal outdoor weddings, ties aren’t required. If you opt to go without a tie, make sure to wear a shirt with character like a traditional Mexican wedding shirt that’s meant to be worn untucked – the guayabera. You can also go for a washed cotton tux shirt or a beautiful white dress shirt. These three shirts can be worn on their own so you won’t be needing ties or jackets that will just make you feel warmer. Remember, it’s a summer wedding you’ll be attending!

Paired with the right accessories from HotBuckles.com, enough confidence, and a bright attitude, the bride and groom may soon be guests at the next summer wedding: yours! 


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