Fashion Tips for Men: Looking Stylish in Shorts

The beginning of summer is fast approaching and this year has already seen some fabulously warm and sunny days. Thus, it is time to start thinking about what to wear during the summer months and start building up a new summer wardrobe. For many men, this will include wearing shorts.

To think that wearing shorts is simple would be correct – it generally is but there are also a few firm and fast guidelines to follow before investing in a nice pair of men’s shorts.

Make Sure the Shorts Fit Perfectly:

This is a mistake that many men make when wearing shorts and when buying men’s clothing. Some men opt for very tight shorts (or attempt to squeeze into last year’s pair when they have gained weight) or, more typically, men will find the biggest and baggiest pair of shorts available to wear. Although this may provide a high level of comfort and ventilation it does not look good!

Instead, it is important to find a pair of shorts that fit nicely – they should be rather fitted and length wise should end just above the knee. Again, they should not be too tight or too short!

Wear Shorts With Confidence:

Many men find wearing shorts intimidating because many men are not used to showing so much leg. However, by finding the perfect pair of shorts that fit correctly and look good then wearing shorts will be easy.

Other things to bear in mind when wearing a new pair of shorts for the first time is to select a simple style – especially for those who are not used to wearing shorts. Stick to simple block colours such as black, grey, browns and neutral tones, and don’t over-accessorise.

Think about what t-shirt or jacket best compliments the shorts and wear them with confidence. It is important always to think about the overall look of an outfit instead of mismatching random items from the wardrobe. Thus think about what t-shirts or jackets can be worn with shorts before investing in any.

When to Start Wearing Shorts:

This very much depends on the type of shorts worn. Shorts can be worn as early as April in the year when we first begin to see some strikingly sunny days. Why waste such opportunities? If still unsure about wearing shorts so early in the year then try investing in different types of shorts.

For instance, it is possible to invest in shorts made from heavier materials around this time of year – thin cotton shorts can be saved for the hotter months ahead. Wearing a heavier pair of shorts will give a sense of security.

Wearing heavier shorts may also present an opportunity to recycle old and unwanted trousers and chinos from past years. Turning old trousers into shorts is a great way to prepare for summer and save money.

Overall it is easy for a man to start wearing shorts, even this early in the year, by simply making sure to choose a pair of shorts with a good fit that will go with lots of different wardrobe combinations.

Article by Amy Fowler on behalf of Anna Davies, suppliers of men’s clothing such as jackets and shorts.