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Paris Hilton's Tips for Sexy Hair

#60's Grown Out Bob - If you're looking for a sexy short style, look to Paris. The stage between short hair and shoulder length can be a fashionista's nightmare. But Paris avoids the Texas housewife look by pumping up the volume at the crown of her head; particularly in the back. The side swept bangs add some come hither flare. To get this look, try some volumizing powder. It's not the best feeling, a little sticky. But, we're intrigued at how well this stuff works. It's definitely worth it. Just sprinkle it on the underside of your roots and work it in, using an upward motion. Oh baby! Don't you look hot!

#A Paris Hilton Chignon - Paris suggests using switching up the traditional chignon bun for a more modern hairstyle. The off center bun is hot! And the natural side part is classy yet fresh. It may look a little complicated but it's pretty simple. You'll need some fairly long hair for this. Create one very smooth pony tail on one the side of your head opposite to your part. Split it into two smaller ponytails. Wrap them around each other and secure it with bobby pins around the main pony tail until you can't see it anymore. Play around with this one. Make sure no elastics or pins are showing. It's easier if you have some curl in your hair.

#Babe with a Bob - Our girl dares to brave the world of super short cuts. We shutter to think of all the gorgeous blonde hair on the floor of a salon. But, Paris wears this bob so well, we're convinced. She adds in thick side swept bangs to her short style. Straighten it all out with a tiny straight iron and curve the ends in. Paris keeps it young and hip by tucking in one side behind her hair. A cute pair of earrings can be just as important as any hair accessory. Paris recommends something small and girly to highlight the cut.

#Crown of Beauty - Paris Hilton uses her simple princess curls as the basis for this charmingly sexy look. What does a sultry princess need? Why, a crown, of course! Paris suggests switching to a middle part for this. Then she uses fishtail braids on each side to create the natural tiara. A light hair wax helps keep any fly-aways smoothed down. Paris uses this method the day after wearing her princess curled hair. If you reverse the order, you'll end up with some funky, crinkled bangs. Not exactly sexy. Worried about oily tresses? Grab yourself some dry shampoo!

# Flapper Flip - The roaring twenties are back! Paris works a simple short cut by giving it a straight outward flip. She takes it over the edge with a beautiful headband. To start, Paris uses a simple flat brush to blow dry her blonde bob, being sure curl the ends up. A blunt cut works best for this style. And don't worry if both sides of your hair don't curl the same exact way. You want it to look natural. But, as you can see, the main glam factor comes from her choice of headband. Look for something thick and sparkly. It should be a soft headband so that it can fit over the top of your ears.

#Flirty Formal - A messy version of a formal hairstyle makes Paris classy and sexy. One tip from Paris is as simple as finger painting. Brush your hair out, just enough to remove any tangles. Then she uses her hands to pull it up into normal ponytail. She keeps her natural side part intact. To seal the deal, she folds the ponytail up over itself, rolling it inwards and pinning it. Work with 1.5 inch sections of hair until you've gone all the way around. Slightly rub the whole style with the palms of your hands to get the sexy, messy look. Now, that's hot!

#Girl Next Door - Even with super short hair, Paris sticks with her style staples: ponytails and headbands. The look is a little innocent. But, there's a reason why men drool over the girl next door. Paris knows what she's doing. Once again we see her sweetly seducing the crowd with angled bangs. Give it a try! Straighten out your short haircut just enough to give it a smooth texture. Pull it back in a cute, low ponytail. Add in a simple headband and hope that a hot neighbor moves in!

#Hot Bouffant - Talk about sexy hair! Paris Hilton is the queen of turning up dos into sex pot locks. She compliments this backless dress with a bouffant and low ponytail. She takes advantage of her silky straight hair and pumps up the glamour. If you're down to try it, you'll need a fine tooth comb. Tease the top of your hair by lifting sections straight up and gently combing the underside of them backwards. Spray that matted mess somewhat heavily. Then, take a soft brush and smooth it all out, straight back. Secure it in a low placed pony. Lastly, Ms. Hilton likes to use a thin, double band, headband as the cherry on top. Looking good, Paris!

#Larger Than Life Waves - Paris dazzles us with beautifully brushed out waves. You'll need to main things for this sexy do: curls and volume. To get Paris Hilton worthy curls, use a curling iron. Wrap your hair around the inside of a traditional curling iron and let the clamp the strand down. Make sure to leave the ends out in order to keep them slightly straight and more casual. Brush out your hair. Then flip your head upside down (just do it!) and spray your newly fluffed up curls with a medium hold hairspray, focusing on the roots. Finish it off by pulling the front of your hair back. Voila!

#Princess Paris - Lately, we've seen a ton of casual waves. Paris shows us how old school curls can be just as sexy. Rapunzel has nothing on Ms. Hilton's lovely locks. The best way to achieve this darling style is to use hot rollers. Yeah, we know. You probably haven't had much luck with rollers. But here's a fantastic Paris trick. Curl your hair with an iron first! Then roll your hair up in 1-2 inch hot rollers. Make sure the ends are wrapped up smoothly. Wait for them to completely cool before unleashing your romantic curls. Spray them with a light weight hair spray. No need to brush them out, you're ready to go!

#Provocative Ponytail - A posh ponytail is a favorite of Paris Hilton. She sexes it up with thick bangs that graze her long lashes. Paris' tips for perfecting the look starts with perfectly straight hair. Again, make sure your hair is in tip top condition. If you're stuck with dry hair with split ends, stick to curly styles until you get that taken care of. Do it asap. You don't want to miss out on this. Once you've got soft and straight hair, brush it up into a very high ponytail, secured with a very strong elastic. Make sure it's perfectly smooth. Then take one section of the tail and wrap it around the elastic, pin it discreetly underneath. Shine spray is great to keep the very ends of your hair perfectly polished.

# Rock & Roll Paris - Paris looks fabulous in a rockabilly style twist. She starts out with a simple up-do with a side part, leaving out the larger side of the front. She then brushes up the section of hair and twists it around her finger. Think of it as an heiress's version of a cinnamon roll. Then keep that rockin' roll in place by pinning the inside ends to your roots. Do your best to hide the pins. Hairspray is a must! And a little red lipstick couldn't hurt either.

#Sexy Blow Out - Paris loves a good blow out. It keeps hair fresh for a few days and gives sexy volume you can't get from curls. She says to start out with clean, wet hair. Use a large round brush to dry hair one section at a time. Go with whatever direction your hair leans toward. But, when it comes to the back top layer, do your best to round out the section inward. Make sure your hair is completely dry. You don't want any natural wave to ruin the straight look you've worked so hard on. Spray it up and top it off with a thin headband. Paris likes one with a bit of bling on the side.

#Straight Up Sexy - We love Paris Hilton's different sweet/sexy hair tips. But sometimes you have to go straight up sexy. This style does just the trick. Paris uses long, ultra straight layers for this bewitching hairstyle. When it comes to pulling off something this simple, Paris focuses on healthy, shiny hair. She advises us to get regular trims and use a split end repair system in between haircuts. Sleek shampoo and conditioner starts everything off right. Be careful to avoid conditioning your roots. You want luscious, not greasy!

#Who's the Farrah-est of Them All? - When Paris goes short, she's either whimsical or womanly. A grown out bob with lots of layers is transformed into a whimsical do by a simple flip. Farrah Fawcett inspired bangs are fearlessly fun. Paris takes it to the next level by using short, fluffy hair to recreate the look. Paris suggests using the old blow dry method. Use a flat brush to flip out the ends while drying. Most importantly, Paris dares defy modern day bangs by flipping them out instead of in. Make sure to angle your brush downward while flipping your bangs. You want them to flare out, not stick out!