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Fashion has become a part of you day to day life and we feel incomplete without it. Fashion is something that cannot be ignored even if you plan to do all your life.

Check below the hottest fashion trends for your girls. 

Latest Fashion Trends

What Dresses For Events Red Carpet Trend: See – Through

There’s hardly any Red Carpet trend passing unnoticed on the stores front, so when it comes to official events in Hollywood, it never hurts to pay attention every now and then. We recently talked about the Elle Women in Hollywood 19th celebration Gala, and more specifically about Emma Stone who attended the said Red carpet event all dressed in hot pink with sheer long sleeves.

Focusing on ‘sheer’: one of the main Red Carpet dresses trends is ‘see – through’ dresses. That’s applicable either for the entire dress / outfit, either on separates (skirts, sleeves, blouses, tops). If you take a look below at the selected sheer looks from the said celebration, you too will agree that see – through is the new black! (Uma Thurman and Elle Fanning in Calvin Klein, Nina Dobrev in Vera Wang and Lea Michelle in Zimmermann)

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Those clever hair stylists at Trevor Sorbie have talked us through one of the hottest catwalk trends for SS13… loose Hollywood style waves. 

Apparently next season waves are smooth and flat on the top, moving away from the big volume pumped look. (Sorry Cheryl.) 

All you need is a barrel tong and some hairspray and our step-by-step guide of course… 

Step 1

Loose Hollywood Waver: Hair Step by Step Guide

First, twist a strand of your hair towards your face.

Step 2

Loose Hollywood Waver: Hair Step by Step Guide

Insert the tong half way down and wrap the twisted hair around it.

Hold in place until the heat penetrates the hair and it feels hot all the way through.

Step 3

Loose Hollywood Waver: Hair Step by Step Guide

Release from the tong and leave the hair to cool down so it sets properly.

Step 4

Loose Hollywood Waver: Hair Step by Step Guide

Once the hair is cool, brush through with a cushioned or paddle brush.

Step 5

Loose Hollywood Waver: Hair Step by Step Guide

Spray with hairspray and you have loose, glamorous Hollywood style waves.

Now, this should be quite a simple style to do, once you’ve got the hang of it.

But this is still a lot more attention than our mops get on a regular basis. So don’t let all that hard work go to waste.

On the second day use some salt spray like Beautiful Curls Beach Hair, £5.10, from Trevor Sorbie to turn your hair into tousled beach waves.


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