What Dresses For Events Red Carpet Trend: See – Through

There’s hardly any Red Carpet trend passing unnoticed on the stores front, so when it comes to official events in Hollywood, it never hurts to pay attention every now and then. We recently talked about the Elle Women in Hollywood 19th celebration Gala, and more specifically about Emma Stone who attended the said Red carpet event all dressed in hot pink with sheer long sleeves.

Focusing on ‘sheer’: one of the main Red Carpet dresses trends is ‘see – through’ dresses. That’s applicable either for the entire dress / outfit, either on separates (skirts, sleeves, blouses, tops). If you take a look below at the selected sheer looks from the said celebration, you too will agree that see – through is the new black! (Uma Thurman and Elle Fanning in Calvin Klein, Nina Dobrev in Vera Wang and Lea Michelle in Zimmermann)

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